translationCore 2.0 is here!

Translating the Bible faithfully and accurately at the local church level has become easier than ever before with the release of unfoldingWord’s unique software package, translationCore 2.0. 


What makes this release unprecedented is translationCore 2.0’s translationNotes tool. This new tool walks a translation team through a comprehensive checklist in several categories, including biblical cultural information, figures of speech and ways to handle difficult grammar. The translationNotes tool presents each of these checklists one at a time so that users can focus completely on examples of that particular issue throughout a book of the Bible. The translationCore 2.0 software also provides just-in-time training resources to ensure that translation teams know how to translate each difficult item well.

Translating each of these things well is vital, but it’s also difficult. Figures of speech, for example, often don't translate directly into a different language. They either need to be changed to preserve their meaning or explained further to ensure that the meaning is captured. 

Now, with translationCore 2.0, translation teams have a pre-identified list of known difficulties compiled and vetted by translation experts. By loading their translation into translationCore and proceeding through each of these checks, any translation team can improve and confirm the faithfulness of their Bible translation. 

The goal of translationCore and the new translationNotes tool is not just to have another tool for translation teams who speak English, but for all of this content to be translated into the key gateway languages (GLs) of the world. As the necessary content is published into a GL, users of translationCore will be able to check their translations using that language, without the need to understand English.

translationNotes joins two other tools inside translationCore. The translationWords tool enables translators to systematically check key theological terms, names and other important terms. The Word Alignment tool enables users to align their translations to the text of the original languages (Greek and Hebrew), which not only provides valuable alignment data (for use in interlinears, study Bibles and machine translation of new content) but frequently exposes improvements that can be made in the translation. All tools support both the New and Old testaments.

translationCore is a key piece in a suite of Bible translation software tools that unfoldingWord provides—free of charge, open-licensed and populated with open-licensed content. unfoldingWord’s purpose is to see a church in every people group and a Bible in every language. By providing open-licensed Bible translation software tools free of charge, unfoldingWord is putting the means to faithfully and accurately translate God’s Word into the hands of the very churches and people groups that need it most. 

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