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A Different Approach

There are still millions of people that don’t have access to the word of God. Throughout the global Church, God is raising up leaders with a passion for evangelism, Bible translation and discipleship. Our new and innovative model is designed to empower these global Church leaders to equip their own people with what they need to translate the Bible into every language and establish the Church in every people group.

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Creating Scalable and sustainable Solutions

Trusting and Equipping global church leaders

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Providing Transparency in the process and impact

“Thank you! It is like you have given us the answers to the test. Everything we need to translate the Bible into our own language is right here [in translationNotes and translationAcademy].”
— a Bible translation team leader in the Middle East
“Your team has put together a tremendous amount of material [in translationAcademy]. I am quite amazed… it is fabulous.”
— a Bible translation consultant
“translationNotes is fantastic. Ezekiel gets a bit complicated, and the translator and I loved having a clear resource with which to work! There is no handbook like it for Ezekiel. Thank you.”
— a Bible translation advisor in Africa
“translationCore is amazing... it’s like having your own translation consultant with you.”
— a Church leader in the Middle East
“The Gateway Languages project should have started 20 years ago. Lack of a good source text has been a big hindrance in Scripture checking in minority languages.”
— a Bible translation trainer in S. Asia

The need is immense.
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