Recent Project Updates
Pray for team members suffering from illness
Pray for multiple team members suffering from illness. Ask God to give them strength and restored health.
Sudanese believers complete first training workshop
The first of four training workshops for Sudanese Arabic-speaking believers just concluded in Uganda. At these workshops, 13 ...
Pray for translators' health and protection
Pray that God would protect the physical health of translators and their families.
Pray for the safety of Sudanese believers
Pray for the safety of the Sudanese believers at the workshops once they return home later this year. Sudan is 92 percent Mus...
Pray for completion of audio recordings
Pray for our partner’s success as they work to dramatize multiple translations of the Gospel of John into audio performances....
Equip Churches Worldwide with Bible Translation Tools

Empower the greatest workforce in the world

We deploy the open-licensed content, tools, and training church networks need to freely translate the Bible themselves.


The Global Church

Like wildflowers suddenly blanketing the landscape, churches are springing up overnight. These church networks are hungry for the Word of God in their heart languages. They have the people required to do the Bible translation work. We provide the tools and training to translate accurately.

Gateway Languages

More than 7,000 languages are spoken in the world. 50 of those languages are called "Gateway Languages." Why? Billions of people speak a Gateway Language and another language. So, resources translated into the Gateway Languages are the bridges to reach all the remaining languages of the world with Scripture.

Open-licensed Resources

The global church desperately needs the Word of God in every language. But the digital tools, content and training that empower accurate Bible translation are not available in all the Gateway Languages. We deploy those needed resources under an open CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Anyone can use these resources to freely and accurately translate Scripture with no copyright barriers.

Engaging the world through Church-Centric Bible Translation

Through our Gateway Languages Strategy, we’re training churches to translate open-licensed Scripture and digital tools into all the world’s major languages. From there, every language group on earth can translate their own Scriptures!

What do Church Networks say about Church-Centric Bible Translation?

Partnering with established Bible translation leaders

“God is using unfoldingWord to innovate in ways that engage churches to own Bible translation needs for their communities. Wycliffe counts it a privilege to partner with unfoldingWord in these efforts!”
John Chesnut
President, Wycliffe Bible Translators

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Your investment will help empower church networks worldwide to translate the whole Bible into their ethnic languages for the very first time.

Stories From the Field

  • Ruska Roma celebrate first Scripture in their language

    • September 20, 2021

    EASTERN UKRAINE — To Samuel Kim, holding a Ruska Roma translation of 3 John means more than a chance to celebrate with his Roma friends. It’s the answer to 10 years of prayer.  In April, a team of fou...

  • Open Bible Stories open doors for Gospel in Venezuela

    • September 17, 2021

    For Piaroa Christians like Alejandra, having unfoldingWord’s Open Bible Stories translated from Spanish into her heart language means more than nice bedtime stories for her kids. It means giving them ...