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Board of Directors

David Reeves, President/CEO

David Reeves is a passionate leader who leverages the best in people and technology to accelerate the global Church-Centric Bible Translation movement. David has more than 39 years of international leadership experience in the nonprofit and for-profit technology, translation, and transportation sectors, where he managed business operations in Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Eurasia. In addition to leading multi-departmental, multicultural teams toward accomplishing God’s purposes, David is gifted in building and training others and then empowering them for Kingdom impact.

Michael Vos, Chairman

Michael Vos is the CEO of BILD International. For nearly two decades, Michael has worked to develop, empower and equip leaders. Prior to joining BILD, Michael rose through the ranks of an industry-leading precision agriculture company. Throughout these years, Michael also applied his developmental skills to church leadership, chairing his church’s board of administration, preaching sermons, and teaching adult education courses. In his role at BILD and the Antioch School, Michael is building a global network that identifies, trains, and equips leaders at every level to impact their communities for the Gospel. Michael also directs the development of leaders nationally and in the context of the CityChurch of Ames/Des Moines (Iowa). Michael and his family reside in Des Moines.

Dr. Max Anders, Vice Chairman

Dr. Max Anders is the founder and president of The 7 Marks Resource Group, which provides resources and discipleship strategies to guide and accelerate spiritual growth. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, he has pastored and taught on the college and seminary level, is the author of more than 25 books (including the bestselling 30 Days to Understanding the Bible), and is the creator and general editor of the thirty-two volume Holman Bible Commentary series. He lives with his wife, Margie, in Indianapolis.

Aaron Erickson, Treasurer

Aaron Erickson has worked in the technology industry in numerous capacities, including sales, business development, and marketing. A teacher at heart, Aaron has provided computer software training and business research for Christian radio stations worldwide. He also develops an adult education curriculum and serves on a discipleship advisory board for his local church. Aaron is a graduate of Global Studies from the University of Northwestern (St. Paul, Minnesota) and has a Master’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Al Anderstrom, Secretary

Al and his wife, Joyce, live near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, close to their four sons and their wives—and their 13 grandchildren. Al spent 26 years in the business world, working in the areas of finance and business consulting in the agricultural industry. Since 2005, he has served as an associate pastor at a local church and in leadership roles with two international ministries.  Al also serves on the board of Enhance Ministries, a ministry that provides coaching to pastors and other Christian leaders. His passion is to see the Gospel advance to places of the world where it’s not yet and to see healthy, reproducing churches birthed and led by well-trained leaders who have God’s Word available in their heart language.

Dr. Joel Hunter

After 32 years as senior pastor of Northland Church in Longwood, Florida, Dr. Joel Hunter transitioned from that role while still pursuing his mission to live his best imitation of how Jesus lived. Dr. Hunter is a nationally and internationally known advocate for the poor and marginalized. He’s also a passionate advocate for people experiencing homelessness and the inclusion of people dealing with disabilities, for racial equality, reconciliation, and peace. Currently, he serves as the Pastor of Community Benefit for Action Church in Winter Park, Florida. Named Orlando’s No. 1 voice for philanthropy and community engagement by Orlando Magazine, Dr. Hunter (neither partisan nor politically oriented) often relates to public officials in a pastoral role. He was a spiritual adviser to President Obama and served on the boards of the National Association of Evangelicals and the World Evangelical Alliance.

Stories From the Field

  • The Angry Imam

    • May 03, 2024

    “It is dangerous for us to go,” said Stephen, “We cannot avoid the dangers, but when we think about what Jesus has done for us, we know that God will help us, and we are not afraid.” Stephen serves wi...

  • New Believers in Iran

    • April 08, 2024

    Thanks to the first-ever translation of unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories into another Iranian language, twenty people have come to Christ, and a new house church has been launched in Iran. While help...

  • Hope in harrowing times

    • April 08, 2024

    As the world worries over the horrific events in Israel and mullahs call for global jihad, a hopeful fact remains. The more Islamists promote jihad, the more average Muslims are open to the gospel. In...

  • Trust God and Get Going

    • September 11, 2023

    “God, this is your journey, your work. Please help us get out of here.” Let’s imagine that your family and close friends have a passing acquaintance with the message of Jesus, and some might even be b...

  • Critical Tools for Courageous Translators

    • August 03, 2023

    The global demand for Bible translation far exceeds the capacity of existing Bible translation agencies. Doing translation in dangerous places makes it doubly difficult. That’s why members of the illu...

  • Meesha's Story

    • July 03, 2023

    In the Republic of Iran, for the church to be planted, discipled, and grown, more than 60 people groups need a Bible translation in their own language. May was Iran’s bloodiest month in the last five...

  • UKRAINE: Bomb Shelter Bible Translation

    • July 03, 2023

    Ukrainian Great Commission partners are translating unfoldingWord’s suite of Bible translation tools to make God’s Word accessible to more than 540 languages spoken across the countries of the former ...

  • All 27 New Testament Book Packages Complete

    • August 08, 2023

    It used to take western experts at least 20 years to translate the New Testament into a Bible-less language. Now, every bilingual church-planting network has access to the open-license English tools t...

  • Making God's Word Accessible to Ordinary People

    • September 11, 2023

    Sofia Ivanov speaks on the impact of unfoldingWord’s Bible Translation tools  Editor’s Note: Sofia Ivanov* is a project manager for unfoldingWord’s Eurasian Whole Bible, Whole Nation partner. Her thou...

  • Saved While Escaping

    • October 02, 2023

    “I was a terrible husband for the first fifteen years of our marriage. Every weekend, I would get drunk, abuse my wife, and ridicule her. We mistreated each other terribly,” said Siroos. “But God amaz...

  • Man on the Run

    • July 03, 2023

    Asim* serves on the Bible translation audio-video team for unfoldingWord’s Whole Bible, Whole Nation partner in Sudan. They use Bible translation as part of their church-planting strategy for 133 unre...

  • Ten Times Faster

    • March 14, 2023

    Imagine you are ordering a new internet connection or cable TV or maybe something new from Amazon and you get the message saying, “Your town is too remote and we can’t serve your area at this time. We...

  • Meet Amy & Priscilla

    • March 14, 2023

    unfoldingWord operates as a catalyst for the Church-Centric Bible Translation movement. We collaborate as part of the body of Christ to develop and implement strategies and unrestricted biblical resou...

  • Jeremiah and the Occult King

    • May 04, 2023

    When Jeremiah* first heard that his Chadian church-planting network needed his help translating unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories (OBS), he was skeptical. “I thought Bible stories were for children, l...

  • The Exponential Journey

    • April 10, 2023

    Khartoum, Sudan, April 2021. I was sitting in a small hotel conference room with the leaders of Greater Reach Alliance and half a dozen representatives of unreached Sudanese people groups. We were ta...

  • Chad's Unreached Receive the Gospel with Joy!

    • June 05, 2023

    “Giving Jesus to any human being is the best gift you can give to that person. Only the gospel can change the ugliness of man,” says Jeremiah,* one of the Chadian leaders of CCGP,* unfoldingWord’s chu...

  • Iran: Bibles in every language


    • Escape from Kharkiv

      • June 13, 2022

      BAM! A rocket penetrates a building, shattering windows and shaking foundations. Clatter! Bomb debris splatters cars, building façades, and adjacent roofs. Bang-Bang-Bang! The jackhammer staccato of A...

    • Innovation in Bible Translation

      • March 13, 2023

      unfoldingWord catalyzes innovation in Bible translation. Your gifts and prayers are enabling remarkable new developments! One of those is happening in a state in Asia. It began with translationCore. ...

    • Breakthrough in Chad

      • July 04, 2022

      Three churches were birthed when a local chieftain, who formerly combined Islam and the occult, came to Christ. In the another community, new believers were baptized, and two new churches were planted...