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Seizing the moment in Sudan
A group of Sudanese refugees is learning the fundamentals of sound Bible translation so they can take God's Word back to mill...
Open Bible Stories open doors for Gospel in Venezuela
For Piaroa Christians like Alejandra, having unfoldingWord’s Open Bible Stories translated from Spanish into her heart langua...
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The Gateway Languages Strategy

The Gateway Languages Strategy is a missiological model that leverages 21st century opportunities to provide all content, training, and tools needed for effective translation of biblical content in the smallest number of Languages of Wider Communication that covers 100% of the languages spoken collectively by the global Church through patterns of multilingualism.

The Gateway Languages Strategy whitepaper (version 2) is available here:

The Gateway Languages List

Revision: 25

Currently, there are 44 known gateway languages, and research is ongoing for languages in Eastern Europe (mostly affecting the Roma people group), various Arabic variants, and sub-saharan African trade languages. (Note that, due to their different characteristics, Sign Languages are not covered in this strategy.)

Research is still ongoing to determine the complete number of gateway languages. Please contact us if you have updated information. Thank you!

English (en)
Portuguese (pt-BR)
Spanish (es-419)

Amharic (am)
French (fr)
Fulfulde (ff)
Hausa (ha)
Malagasy Plateau (plt)
Swahili (sw)

Burmese (my)
Cebuano (ceb)
Ilocano (ilo)
Khmer (km)
Laotian (lo)
Malaysian (ms)
Mandarin (zh)
Tagalog (tl)
Thai (th)
Vietnamese (vi)

Hungarian (hu)
Russian (ru)
Croatian (hr)

Arabic (ar)
Pashto (ps)
Persian (fa)
Urdu (ur)

Bislama (bi)
Indonesian (id)
Papuan Malay (pmy)
Tok Pisin (tpi)

Assamese (as)
Bengali (bn)
Gujarati (gu)
Hindi (hi)
Kannada (kn)
Malayalam (ml)
Marathi (mr)
Nagamese (nag)
Nepali (ne)
Oriya (or)
Punjabi (pa)
Tamil (ta)
Telugu (te)
Urdu, Devanagari script (ur-Deva)



  • 25: removed Serbo-Croatian (scr) and replaced with Croatian (hr). Added MENA-Pak as separate region from Eurasia.
  • 24: added Hungarian (hu), Serbo-Croatian (scr), and Malagasy Plateau (plt).
  • 23: proposed additions to list that were rejected: Dzongkha (dz), Igbo (ig), Yoruba (yo), Hungarian (hu), Serbo-Croatian (scr); proposed additions to list that were classified as Priority OLs: West Punjabi (pa), Oromo (om), Mandarin COV (cmn-x-omc); proposed additions that were accepted: Fulfulde (ff), Nagamese (nag), Urdu-Deva (ur-Deva); removed from list: Hindi DCV (hi-x-dcv), Tetum (tet), Spanish (es), Portuguese (pt); removed from GL list and classified as Priority OLs: Turkish (tr), Solomon Islands Pidgin (pis), Banjar (bjn), Ambon Malay (abs), Manado Malay/Bahasa Manado (xmm), Kaliledo (Ledo Kaililew), Toraja (sda), Maleyu (mgl), Kupang (mkn), Mongolian (mn).
  • 22: added Tagalog (tl).
  • 21: removed Tagalog (tl); added Ilocano (ilo); removed all Dominant Culture Variants from GL list, based on assumption that languages dependent on the GL can generate DCV translations from a non-DCV source.
  • 20: from 49 to 48; removed Afrikaans (af); moved Arabic (ar, ar-x-dcv) from Africa to Eurasia region.
  • 19: from 43 to 49; removed Dutch (nl), Japanese (ja); added Papua Malay (pmy), Ambon Malay (abs), Bahasa Manado (xmm), Kaliledo (lew), Toraja (sda), Banjar (bjn), Maleyu (mgl), Kupang (mkn).
  • 18: from 44 to 43; removed Dari (prs).
  • 17: from 46 to 44; removed sign languages due to factors suggesting incompatibility with this strategy.

The Gateway Language Manual

The Gateway Language Manual is for the use of translators and checkers of the Gateway Language resources.

Stories From the Field

  • Iran: Bibles in every language

    • January 04, 2022

    222 Ministries President Lazarus Yeghnazar dreams of the day when his country, Iran, will have Bibles in every local language. Using unfoldingWord's translation tools and Biblica's newly-revised Farsi...

  • A Scrap of Paper that Changed a Life

    • December 28, 2021

    It was 2006. A young Islamic man, walking home in Khartoum, Sudan, found a scrap of paper that changed his life and began his journey to the forefront of Church-Centric Bible Translation. His name is ...

  • Zafar's Favorite Tool

    • December 28, 2021

    This year, unfoldingWord completed the initial training of the Russian Gateway Language team. All 50 Open Bible Stories and nine Scripture Book Packages are now available in Russian, serving as the Ga...

  • Seizing the moment in Sudan

    • November 01, 2021

    Circling the Kaaba with thousands of fellow Muslims during the Hajj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca), a young Sudanese man comes to a moment of crisis.  He realizes that fellow believers from all over the...

  • Open Bible Stories open doors for Gospel in Venezuela

      For Piaroa Christians like Alejandra, having unfoldingWord’s Open Bible Stories translated from Spanish into her heart language means more than nice bedtime stories for her kids. It means giving them ...

    • Bible Without a Village

      • December 27, 2021

      On December 4, our Spanish Gateway Language partners held their first translation workshop with Portuguese translators. Portuguese is the Gateway to 530 people groups representing about 50 million peo...

    • Ruska Roma celebrate first Scripture in their language

      • September 20, 2021

      EASTERN UKRAINE — To Samuel Kim, holding a Ruska Roma translation of 3 John means more than a chance to celebrate with his Roma friends. It’s the answer to 10 years of prayer.  In April, a team of fou...