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unfoldingWord staff members raise their own support. If giving by check, please include a separate note with the name of the staff you are supporting. Please do not put the name of the staff anywhere on the check.

Please make checks out to unfoldingWord and mail to:

10524 Moss Park Rd, STE 204-402
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Staff Index


David & Jane Reeves


As the President, David provides leadership to the team while Jane handles event and travel planning. To support David & Jane, click here.


Tim & Angie Jore


Tim works in Innovation and Strategy. Angie works in Communications. To support Tim & Angie, click here.


Russ & Jan Perry

Russ focuses on Global Partnerships and Projects. Jan leads the Finance team. To support Russ & Jan, click here.


Mike & Heather Eastwood

Mike is focusing on legal work related to Open Licensing our resources. Heather is involved in our Social Media and communications strategies. To support Mike & Heather, click here.


Christopher & Sherra Klapp

Christopher is focusing on the Research and Development for our Bible translation software tools. To support Christopher, click here.


Jay Scott

Jay is a software engineer working on our Bible translation software tools. To support Jay, click here.


Manny Colon

Manny is a software engineer working on our Bible translation software tools. To support Manny click here.


Rich & Audrey Mahn


Rich is a software engineer helping to develop a web platform supporting Bible translation by the global Church. To support Rich, click here.


Chris Kosieracki

Chris works on our Bible translation software tools. To support Chris, click here.


Jesse & Kelly Griffin


Jesse works with software developers and content creators to architect and maintain the Door43 and unfoldingWord family of projects and websites. To support Jesse and Kelly, click here.


Perry & Beth Oakes


Perry provides translation training and writes content for the open-access resources and tools. To support Perry & Beth, click here.


Bruce & Twyla Spidel


Bruce is a web developer helping build an online platform supporting Bible translation by the global Church. To support Bruce, click here.


Ben & Adela Jore


Ben provides critical oversight and leadership to our technology projects. To support Ben, click here.


Larry & Shirley Sallee


Larry focuses on developing open-access resources to help the global Church translate and understand the Bible. To support Larry and Shirley, click here.


Eric & Judy Steggerda


Eric works to ensure smooth business operations and Judy provides support for organizational events. To support Eric and Judy, click here.


Dave & Becky Byron


Dave focuses on developing Global Partnerships and Projects in the Portuguese and Spanish countries. Becky is providing support for this. To support Dave and Becky, click here.


Birch & Connie Champeon


Birch is a software developer helping to equip the global church to use Bible translation software. Connie assists in developing online training programs for Bible translators. To support Birch & Connie, click here.


Phil & Shelly Harms


Phil helps facilitate the Gateway Languages strategy and relates to partners in the Asia and Pacific regions. To support Phil and Shelly, click here.


Lincoln Brunner


Lincoln serves as unfoldingWord's Marketing and Communications Director. To support Lincoln, click here.


Translation Services Staff


Our Translation Services Staff helps equip the global church with open-licensed discipleship resources. To support our Translation Services staff, click here.


Biblical Linguist


Our Biblical Linguist helps equip the global church with biblical language resource tools. To support our Biblical Linguist, click here.



D works in Field Research. To support D, click here.


For more information, please contact us.

Thank you for helping equip the global Church!