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Pray for team members suffering from illness
Pray for multiple team members suffering from illness. Ask God to give them strength and restored health.
Sudanese believers complete first training workshop
The first of four training workshops for Sudanese Arabic-speaking believers just concluded in Uganda. At these workshops, 13 ...
Pray for translators' health and protection
Pray that God would protect the physical health of translators and their families.
Pray for the safety of Sudanese believers
Pray for the safety of the Sudanese believers at the workshops once they return home later this year. Sudan is 92 percent Mus...
Pray for completion of audio recordings
Pray for our partner’s success as they work to dramatize multiple translations of the Gospel of John into audio performances....
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Russian Gateway Language

Equipping the Russian gateway language church network to translate Biblical content, exegetical translation helps, and translation training materials into Russian in an open-licensed format for use by minority language translators who speak Russian as a second language. Equipping the Russian network to train and equip minority language networks to use these resources to produce trustworthy scripture for themselves.
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Russian Gateway Language Overview

The primary focus of this project is training and equipping the Russian gateway language church network to train and equip minority languages to produce their own scripture. Three people groups are included as part of the project, and the distribution strategy and targets are in their control.

People Groups in the Area


People Groups Directly Impacted


Potential impact

296,000,000 people

Countries ImpactedRussia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

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From the Field

The latest from field partners in Russian Gateway Language translation
Pray for team members suffering from illness
Pray for multiple team members suffering from illness. Ask God to give them strength and restored health.
August 26, 2021
Russian Gateway Language
20 people now involved in this project
Now, 20 people will be involved in all stages of the Open Bible Stories translation project: four translators, two theologians, 10 community checkers, one linguist and three pastors for final review and approval. 
August 26, 2021
Russian Gateway Language
Believers trained in the CANA method
Recently believers of a major central Asian language got trained in the CANA (clear, accurate, natural and church-approved) method for Open Bible Stories translation. Now they translate themselves.
August 26, 2021
Russian Gateway Language
Pray for translators working in a minority central Asian language
Pray for speakers of a minority central Asian language who also are translating Open Bible Stories. They have translated three stories already and want to move forward quickly. “They are very passionate and happy about the project,” our field corresp...See More
August 26, 2021
Russian Gateway Language
Pray for people translating Open Bible Stories
Pray for the people translating Open Bible Stories from Russian into a major central Asian language as they finish the last three of the 50-story set. They want to involve more churches, but they don’t want to risk gathering too much attention from a...See More
August 26, 2021
Russian Gateway Language
Goals & Progress


Partners need your help as they mobilize, train and equip local church members to reach the unreached.


Project Goals
Funding Goals
$9,700 of $15,500 Raised
  • Content

    Open-licensed Bible translation resources empower the global church.

  • Tools

    Software equips church networks to execute our Gateway Languages Strategy.

  • Training

    Trained believers train others to do Church-Centric Bible Translation.

  • Content

    In this phase of the Latin American Spanish Gateway Language Project, we will focus on translating 10 Book Packages of Scripture and Bible translation resources, translating Open Bible Stories and training more translators to do this work.

    • Book Packages

      0%0 of 15 Complete

      Books of the Bible — and all the necessary resosurces needed to accurately translate them — are being translated into Russian. Once a Book Package is complete, it can be used to translate that book of the Bible into hundreds of languages connected to Russian!

      • Exodus
      • 1 Samuel
      • 2 Samuel
      • Ezra
      • Nehemiah
      • Esther
      • Obadiah
      • Luke
      • Acts
      • Ephesians
      • 1 Timothy
      • 2 Timothy
      • James
      • 1 John
      • 2 John
    • Open Bible Stories

      NaN%0 of 0 Complete

      Fifty Bible stories spanning Genesis to Revelation. The team will produce four Audio OBS packages and reach more than 75,000 people.

      • TBD
        People Reached
        In Progress
        Key Impact
  • Tools

    Three of our most important translation and translation checking tools are being localized into Russian.

    • Tools

      0%0 of 3 Complete

      Our partners are localizing four translation and translation checking tools. These tools help Bible translators swiftly and accurately translate Scripture.

      • tC Create
      • translationCore
      • translationStudio
  • Training

    Our Russian Gateway Language team is training translators from other people groups to use unfoldingWord tools to translate the Bible and check their work themselves.

    • Training

      0%0 of 1 Complete

      Our workshops teach fundamentals of accurate Bible translation and translation checking.

      • ≥ 45
        Workshops Hosted
        In Progress
    • Individuals Trained

      0%0 of 1 Complete

      Outside of seminars, individuals and small groups get coaching online or in-person.

      • ≥ 18
        Individuals Trained
        In Progress

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Stories From the Field

  • Ruska Roma celebrate first Scripture in their language

    • September 20, 2021

    EASTERN UKRAINE — To Samuel Kim, holding a Ruska Roma translation of 3 John means more than a chance to celebrate with his Roma friends. It’s the answer to 10 years of prayer.  In April, a team of fou...

  • Open Bible Stories open doors for Gospel in Venezuela

    • September 17, 2021

    For Piaroa Christians like Alejandra, having unfoldingWord’s Open Bible Stories translated from Spanish into her heart language means more than nice bedtime stories for her kids. It means giving them ...