Imagine having a resource that makes it easy to explain the story of the Bible to family members, unsaved neighbors, Sunday school students, or even unreached people groups on the other side of the world? Wouldn't it be helpful if you had an easy-to-understand, visual overview of the Bible that you could give to anyone, for free, and without restrictions? That is the vision for:

Open Bible Stories

We think that explaining essential stories from the Bible should not need to be complicated or expensive. That is why our team of Bible translators, theologians, and Bible teachers created this visual mini-Bible. It is designed to equip people like you with a powerful biblical tool for sharing the Good News of Jesus in your own neighborhood—or around the world.


Experience it!

Read it online, download a copy, download and listen to the audio, watch the videos... or try them all! This is your resource, helping equip you for the work of ministry. Visit

Share It!

Open Bible Stories can provide people who do not have Scripture in their heart language the benefit of quickly receiving an overview of the redemption story while they wait for the Bible to be translated. Please help us extend the reach of this effective resource to every language in the world. Thank you!