Translation Tools

These are the open-source technology tools we are creating.




translationCore® is an open source platform for checking and managing Bible translation projects. tC provides an extensible interface that enables, among other things, systematic and comprehensive checking of Bible translations against multiple sources and the original languages with just-in-time training modules that provide guidelines and instruction for translators.

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translationStudio (tS) is an open source utility for translating the Bible and biblical content into any language. The purpose of tS is to make Bible translation accessible to the global church. tS is fully functional without an internet connection and enables collaboration in the translation process. The app includes numerous just in time translation helps that explain keywords, difficult to translate phrases, and general translation concepts.

Desktop & Mobile

The desktop version of tS is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The mobile version supports Android devices.

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See the following links for help using translationStudio:

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Content Management



Door43® is a community of people interested in furthering unrestricted biblical content. The Door43 Content Service provides synchronization between our tools and the Door43 website provides automatic web publishing. Contributors from all over the world use the site to work together to create, translate, and distribute unrestricted discipleship resources.

Pray together for us also, that God would open a door to us for the word… Col 4:3 (ULT)

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unfoldingWord App

unfoldingWord App

A Bible and discipleship resource app. No Internet required.

unfoldingWord® App - Privacy Policy

Effective Date: May 21, 2018

This statement lays out our policies and procedures surrounding the collection and handling of any information that identifies an individual user or that could be used to contact or locate him or her. (“Personally, Identifiable Information” or PII).

This Privacy Policy applies only to the unfoldingWord® App. It does not apply to any third party site or service linked to the unfoldingWord® App or recommended or referred by the unfoldingWord® App, through the unfoldingWord® App or services, or by our staff. And it does not apply to any other application, product, or service operated by our company, or to any of our offline activities.

A. PII We Collect

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) includes the collection of information that identifies an individual user of the unfoldingWord® App in order to find, contact or locate him or her. We collect the following Personally Identifiable Information from users who download the unfoldingWord® App: NONE

B. Amendment of This Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new version of the unfoldingWord® App with updates to Privacy Policy. The new Privacy Policy will become effective on the date of the new release.

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translationDatabase (tD) provides open access to a database of all known languages and translation activity, as well as existing open-licensed biblical content in every language.

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View source.

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Other Tools

Application Programming Interface (API)

unfoldingWord® supports several APIs to provide programmatic access to content in our ecosystem. These are all fully open and accessible for any developer to use.

See all our API documentation at uW and Door43 API Information.

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Publishing Blockchain

The Publishing Blockchain is a decentralized database of completed resources. The blockchain contains information about these resources as well as digital signatures of people and organizations that approve of them. The information in the database cannot be altered and provides a historical account of work published. The database is ideal for publishers of all sizes and developers to pull resources from to input into their publishing engines. More information.

Status: Not Started

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Stories From the Field

  • The Angry Imam

    • May 03, 2024

    “It is dangerous for us to go,” said Stephen, “We cannot avoid the dangers, but when we think about what Jesus has done for us, we know that God will help us, and we are not afraid.” Stephen serves wi...

  • New Believers in Iran

    • April 08, 2024

    Thanks to the first-ever translation of unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories into another Iranian language, twenty people have come to Christ, and a new house church has been launched in Iran. While help...

  • Hope in harrowing times

    • April 08, 2024

    As the world worries over the horrific events in Israel and mullahs call for global jihad, a hopeful fact remains. The more Islamists promote jihad, the more average Muslims are open to the gospel. In...

  • Trust God and Get Going

    • September 11, 2023

    “God, this is your journey, your work. Please help us get out of here.” Let’s imagine that your family and close friends have a passing acquaintance with the message of Jesus, and some might even be b...

  • Critical Tools for Courageous Translators

    • August 03, 2023

    The global demand for Bible translation far exceeds the capacity of existing Bible translation agencies. Doing translation in dangerous places makes it doubly difficult. That’s why members of the illu...

  • Meesha's Story

    • July 03, 2023

    In the Republic of Iran, for the church to be planted, discipled, and grown, more than 60 people groups need a Bible translation in their own language. May was Iran’s bloodiest month in the last five...

  • UKRAINE: Bomb Shelter Bible Translation

    • July 03, 2023

    Ukrainian Great Commission partners are translating unfoldingWord’s suite of Bible translation tools to make God’s Word accessible to more than 540 languages spoken across the countries of the former ...

  • All 27 New Testament Book Packages Complete

    • August 08, 2023

    It used to take western experts at least 20 years to translate the New Testament into a Bible-less language. Now, every bilingual church-planting network has access to the open-license English tools t...

  • Making God's Word Accessible to Ordinary People

    • September 11, 2023

    Sofia Ivanov speaks on the impact of unfoldingWord’s Bible Translation tools  Editor’s Note: Sofia Ivanov* is a project manager for unfoldingWord’s Eurasian Whole Bible, Whole Nation partner. Her thou...

  • Saved While Escaping

    • October 02, 2023

    “I was a terrible husband for the first fifteen years of our marriage. Every weekend, I would get drunk, abuse my wife, and ridicule her. We mistreated each other terribly,” said Siroos. “But God amaz...

  • Man on the Run

    • July 03, 2023

    Asim* serves on the Bible translation audio-video team for unfoldingWord’s Whole Bible, Whole Nation partner in Sudan. They use Bible translation as part of their church-planting strategy for 133 unre...

  • Ten Times Faster

    • March 14, 2023

    Imagine you are ordering a new internet connection or cable TV or maybe something new from Amazon and you get the message saying, “Your town is too remote and we can’t serve your area at this time. We...

  • Meet Amy & Priscilla

    • March 14, 2023

    unfoldingWord operates as a catalyst for the Church-Centric Bible Translation movement. We collaborate as part of the body of Christ to develop and implement strategies and unrestricted biblical resou...

  • Jeremiah and the Occult King

    • May 04, 2023

    When Jeremiah* first heard that his Chadian church-planting network needed his help translating unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories (OBS), he was skeptical. “I thought Bible stories were for children, l...

  • The Exponential Journey

    • April 10, 2023

    Khartoum, Sudan, April 2021. I was sitting in a small hotel conference room with the leaders of Greater Reach Alliance and half a dozen representatives of unreached Sudanese people groups. We were ta...

  • Chad's Unreached Receive the Gospel with Joy!

    • June 05, 2023

    “Giving Jesus to any human being is the best gift you can give to that person. Only the gospel can change the ugliness of man,” says Jeremiah,* one of the Chadian leaders of CCGP,* unfoldingWord’s chu...

  • Iran: Bibles in every language


    • Escape from Kharkiv

      • June 13, 2022

      BAM! A rocket penetrates a building, shattering windows and shaking foundations. Clatter! Bomb debris splatters cars, building façades, and adjacent roofs. Bang-Bang-Bang! The jackhammer staccato of A...

    • Innovation in Bible Translation

      • March 13, 2023

      unfoldingWord catalyzes innovation in Bible translation. Your gifts and prayers are enabling remarkable new developments! One of those is happening in a state in Asia. It began with translationCore. ...

    • Breakthrough in Chad

      • July 04, 2022

      Three churches were birthed when a local chieftain, who formerly combined Islam and the occult, came to Christ. In the another community, new believers were baptized, and two new churches were planted...