Today, as much as 80% of all people live in oral culture communities. Even for those living in highly literate societies, many learn best by listening. The need for biblical content to be available in audio format is more significant than any time in history.

Is it possible to meet this immense need? We think so! Excellent Biblical content that is available under non-restrictive licensing together with tremendous advancements in technology make it possible from the standpoint of technology and content. However, trained audio technicians and gear identified as suitable for sub-optimal recording environments are still required in order to make this opportunity a reality.

The global Church has the capacity to meet the vast needs across every people group in the world. The vision of unfoldingWord Audio Engineering is simply to equip and serve the global Church as they meet their own needs for biblical audio resources. A world-wide team of recording technicians, empowered with training and viable solutions, can lead and drive projects for their own people groups faster, farther, at less cost, and more effectively by using the local strategies and networks they know best.

We are providing and contextualizing open access to the training, principles and techniques needed for economical, high-quality recording. In addition, we are specializing in the identification of affordable, user-friendly equipment suitable for sub-optimal recording environments.

Why We Seek to Equip the Global Church

We think the most effective way for excellent biblical audio resources to be made freely accessible to all people groups without exception is when it is done with, by and for the global Church.

  • With the global Church -- The translation, recording and distribution of the Gospel is something God's people can and should do together. We are all an equal part of God's family. Together we are better. God has distributed gifts, natural skills, wisdom, resources and networks among His people across the world. It is our joy to serve alongside and under the global Church in the solutions and strategies that make the Gospel message available to everyone without restrictions in audio---the most versatile and efficient format.
  • By the global Church -- There is no single organization or conglomeration of organizations, regardless of how well-staffed and funded they are, that can match the effectiveness of an equipped global Church in sharing the Gospel and supporting discipleship. This is why we openly release all the knowledge, resources and skills we've found for the benefit and encouragement of the global Church, to lead and accomplish far beyond what we could ever do on our own. Equally, we learn and reinvest everything that the global Church teaches us back into the resources and training, making them more effective and always current.
  • For the global Church -- Unrestricted biblical content is for the global Church, for all who have longed for access but could never gain it, for those who do not know Jesus. Likewise, knowledge in recording, editing, producing, duplicating and effective sharing of audio resources is for the global Church.

Audio Engineering Guiding Principles

  • Simplicity First -- The shortest path to a high quality recording is always built on simplicity. With today's technology, a few essential pieces of gear, used properly by a skilled technician, will faithfully yield excellent results project after project with the least amount of stress and expense.
  • No Shortcuts -- Cutting corners on one phase of a recording project creates more work for technicians downstream, typically compromising overall quality and increasing overall project time and stress. It takes less time and stress to record right the first time.
  • Excellence -- Recorded Biblical content, support resources and training tools are the most valuable content in any language. For many people, these recordings will be the only Biblical content they access in their lifetime. It is worth doing our best quality effort. It speaks volumes about our God, about the value of the message and about the value of the people group.
  • Listening Appeal & Longevity -- Recordings need to speak clearly to the listeners of all ages in a language group while avoiding enhancements that lead listeners to a predetermined interpretation of the message. The most effective and requested genre continues to be natural, single-voice narration.

Resources and Downloads

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