Church-based translators, in people groups all over the world, are starting to translate the Bible into their own languages. Often, the translation work moves rapidly, but many translators are finding it difficult to know for certain if their translations are faithful and accurate. The leaders of these church networks are not interested in accelerating Bible translation at the cost of quality, but recognize they need a means of determining and refining the accuracy of their translations.

“We know we will score off the charts in everything when it comes to naturalness and clarity. What we don’t know is if our translation is accurate to the source. We need some kind of resource that will help us be able to assess if the draft that we have in our hands would be approved of by the global church, if they knew our heart language.”
— a global church leader


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translationCore provides checklists that enable church-based translators to confidently and reliably confirm and improve the accuracy of their own Bible translations by applying the principles of excellence in Bible translation (described in translationAcademy) and enabling the comparison of their translations against multiple sources and the original languages. This empowers the church to confirm that their trust of their Bible translation is well-placed.


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Excellence in Bible translation is of the highest importance, but is challenging to achieve. If you would like to understand how translationCore makes the process transparent and straightforward, read the whitepaper “Trustworthy and Trusted” (available here).

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We are working towards a major milestone in the translationCore (tC) project. In testing with minority language Bible translators, the checking tools in tC have proved helpful, but it is painfully obvious that some translators struggle to understand tC's resources in English. The good news is a solution has been planned and is in the works! 

The next major release of translationCore enables translators to check a Bible translation using checks and translation helps in a language they know well (instead of expecting them to use English). This will be the first Bible checking program with that capability! It is a quantum leap for Church-centric Bible translation! 

Your donation to reach this milestone of the translationCore project helps put this urgently needed tool for excellence in Bible translation into the hands of global church leaders and minority language translators around the world. Thank you!