With no open-licensed, easily-understandable Scriptures available in either Portugal-based or Brazilian Portuguese (or in any of the 517 local languages across these countries) the Word of God remains locked to thousands of churches in seven different countries on two continents. 

Our Portuguese GL Translation initiative will enable new believers to be discipled and to equip church-centric teams to translate the Bible into the language of their soul, Portuguese. Core material will be translated and key individuals will be trained to grow the church networks needed to rapidly multiply the Gospel among unreached groups that have people who can also speak Portuguese.

Over the next 12 months, here’s what we hope to see or accomplish:

  • Personal visits with dozens of key organizational leaders in Brazil, Mozambique and Angola.

  • Translations of translationAcademy, Creative Commons and five unfoldingWord white papers.

  • Significant inroads made into the Deaf Sign Language (LIBRAS) community.

  • Deep research into the scope of all the local languages and the resources available to them.

  • Six church network leaders in both Brazil and Mozambique deciding to engage themselves and their church networks in translation work and providing GL Strategy leadership.

  • Network leaders identifying at least one member of their networks to be trained to be a trainer and demonstrating a willingness to fund the training of more people to do translation.

  • The review, revision, translation and approval of more than 500,000 words into Portuguese by local church teams.

When these goals are accomplished, the 517 indigenous language groups across Brazil and Africa that have bilingual believers who speak Portuguese will have the tools they need to translate God’s Word into their own language! 

Click here to support the Gateway Languages project to equip the Portuguese-speaking churches in Latin America and Africa with the Bible translation resources they need.

* If funding needs for a project are met, unfoldingWord will assign donations to a similar project.