Take the initiative and help equip the global church with unrestricted biblical resources in any of these ways.

Contact us with any questions!



Join a translation team and help translate essential biblical resources that equip the global church for excellence in Bible translation and theological formation.

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Freely give.

Make biblical resources available using open licenses that grant freedom so that global church leaders can translate and use them without hindrance.

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Open a Gateway.

Take on the challenge of adopting a Gateway Language, connecting with church leaders, building a team, and collaborating together to equip the church. (See below for how to get started!)


How to “Open a Gateway”

We’re not going to lie... this is not for the faint of heart. But if you really want to make an immense impact toward the establishing of a mature church in every people group, with a trustworthy translation of the Bible in their own language, read on!

In order to achieve this objective, there are critical things you will need to understand just before jumping in. These are the steps we suggest taking:

  1. Learn – World missions in the 21st century is changing rapidly, becoming more scalable and effective. In order to understand how this affects and drives our strategy (and your involvement in it!), please read everything on our Strategic Overview page, as well as the Church-Centric Bible Translation website. (You may also find this video from a recent conference helpful.)
  2. Connect – Discuss what you are learning with others in your network who may be willing and interested in joining the movement, and pray together for God’s direction and for open doors. You will need to build a flexible, capable team that works together well.
  3. Do – Prayerfully choose a Gateway Language to focus on (the list is here). You will need to connect with leaders of the church in that region of the world to develop relationships and learn from them how you can collaborate together to equip every people group in that region with effective and unrestricted biblical resources.

Contact us with any questions, and let us know when you are ready to begin! We will connect you with others and do what we can to help.