Chad Translation Workshop


A network of 22 Chadian organizations are working together to send their own evangelists and church planters into the last of the unengaged unreached people groups in their country. They have organized themselves under a new initiative called Mission Impact. The primary objective of unfoldingWord’s engagement is to equip this network with the skills to develop discipleship materials in the GL of Chad to provide the backbone for UUPG Bible translation projects into their heart languages. This initiative focuses on translating Open Bible Stories (OBS) into the remaining 50+ UUPG languages in Chad. It has a goal of planting 1,000 new churches in these UUPGs in the next few years. .

You can be part of this exciting opportunity, too! We need your help to fund this effort, and we invite you to join your resources with ours by clicking here .

* If funding needs for a project are met, unfoldingWord will assign donations to a similar project.

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