Box 2

A lot has changed since the unfoldingWord project was first launched in 2014. Over the years we have started some projects that have fizzled, much to our dismay! However, we think it is wise to learn from these fizzles and try again, rather than push to completion something that isn’t achieving the objective we set for it.

There is a book called The Three Box Solution which helpfully points out that a strong “Box 2” that is able to “Selectively forget the past” is an important part of success for an organization. We have many “Box 1” (in progress) projects that are effectively meeting needs we see on the field. We also have a handful of “Box 3” projects which we are working on, things we think will meet the needs of tomorrow. In order for us to be effective in Box 1 and Box 3, we have let the following projects fall into our Box 2.

Some of these projects only fizzled from the standpoint of what we were attempting to accomplish with them; they may still be valuable to others. So, good news, if any of these happened to be your favorite project, you can fork them and rebuild because they are all open licensed.

Deprecated Projects

  • The Unlocked English Bible

Superseded Projects

  • The Unlocked Literal Bible - This has developed into the unfoldingWord® Literal Text.

  • The Unlocked Dynamic Bible - This has developed into the unfoldingWord® Simplified Text.

  • translationKeyboard - While this served a need for many people, a superior product became openly licensed, so now we recommend you use Keyman.

  • Distant Shores Media - This used to be our organization’s name.